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About Clipping Path Rex

Clipping Path Rex is a well-known name in the editing industry. The Clipping Path Rex may also be described as a meticulous photo editing and graphic design service. Our service and work quality are well-known throughout the world. Furthermore, with years of practical working experience and thousands of client requests fulfilled, we understand what customers require to improve their business or corporation. So, engage with the Clipping Path Rex to see how precise editing and design work can be.

In addition, the Clipping Path Rex provides e-commerce image editing, clipping path service, image masking, background removal, photo retouching, shadow making, color correction, ghost mannequin and neck joint service, jewelry retouch, wedding photo editing service, real estate photo editing, and other services. Read More…

Our Popular Photo Editing Services

clipping path service

Clipping Path

E-commerce website requires optimized product photos exclusively with a white/suitable background. It enables the buyers to experience the items at the fullest making your products more salable. Clipping path & image masking services remove improper background and add eye-catching ones to attract customers.

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photo retouching service

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is fundamental when it comes to editing an image. A perfect retouch on a specific image gives a dynamic look, making it very appealing and admirable. To give an idea about it working, removing any wrinkles/marks on the face or the clothing, adjusting & smoothing the face tone, enhancing natural colors, fixing the background.

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ghost mannequin service

Ghost Mannequin

The ghost mannequin effect is a technique of image editing which removes mannequins from product (Apparel) photos. This can also be called invisible mannequin technique. Neck joint service is somehow related to clothing photography. Ghost mannequin and the neck joint are very demanding services in the image editing industry.

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color correction service

Color Correction

Need shadow adjustments, proper white balance & perfect color tones at affordable costs? Yes, we are here to provide you the best photo color correction services within the quickest time. So, say, you are an e-commerce businessman, product or wedding photographer. But don’t have sufficient time for timely delivery. Let us help you.

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jewelry retouching service

Jewelry Retouching

Our company takes jewelry retouching orders of any kind of size, any kind of formats and quality from amateur JPEG to center RAW data. We are composes one picture from a number of ones with central aspect bracketing. With our experienced team we use time proven jewelry photo retouching service and editing techniques to clean and enhance your jewelry photos to impress your.

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ecommerce product photo editing service

E-commerce Photo Editing

E-commerce photo editing is essential to enhance product images and boost sales. Techniques like background removal, color correction, and image resizing help showcase products in the best light possible, building customer trust for more repeat business. Investing in e-commerce photo editing services is a smart move for online businesses seeking to stand out in a competitive market.

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wedding photo editing service

Wedding Photo Editing

The wedding photo editing service is an exceptional job. Our professional photo editors use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to provide this service. Everyone desires the ideal wedding photograph for themselves. In this regard, we give the best wedding photography service. We are responsible and provide it on time.

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shadow making service

Shadow Making

Shadow making service is a crucial aspect of photo editing, enhancing the depth and dimension of images for a more natural and professional look. By adding or removing shadows, photo editors can create appealing product images that attract customers and increase sales. This service is essential for e-commerce businesses to stand out in a competitive market, build a trustworthy and revenue.

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image masking service

Image Masking

The Image Masking service provided by the Clipping Path Rex is one of the best in the industry and deserves more recognition. Because this service primarily deals with hairy objects, paying close attention to the editing process is critical. We make sure that everything is observed during image masking, no matter how difficult the work is. We will complete the service as quickly.

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cropping and resizing service

Crop and Resizing

Wondering how to crop and resize your batch images within the tight deadline? Well, we offer the most convenient photo crop and resizing services in the market. Let us readjust the focus point of your images to keep the subjects in the center. Remove needless props and distracting areas with our crop photo service. We can polish your product images to make them look fresh.

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background removal service

Background Removal

Background removal, image clipping, and image cut-out are all words used to describe the most uncomplicated basic but most commonly performed photo editing action today. Clipping Path Rex here can assist you by delivering the best output of any image background removal service. We use different approaches for getting the work done depending on the image or photo type.

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real estate photo editing service

Real Estate Photo Editing

In today's time, real estate photo editing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the photo editing sector. In recent years, the real estate market has not been everyone's fied as it requires a huge investment. Because the sector requires a lot of money, not everyone can afford it. Clipping Path Rex knows the fact. Most importantly, for individuals interested in doing business in this field.

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It depends on the number of images and their complexity. Our Production Capacity 500-700 images/day. So we usually complete it within 24 hours.

We offer unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. We only charge you once we can satisfy you.

Our team works 24×7. You can contact us and send us files any time.

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You can pay us via PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Payonner, WesternUnion.

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Yes. All of your images are 100% safe and secure with us. We don’t share any image with any 3rd party. We store post-production images as backup for only 30–90 days based on client requirements. After that we delete all of images from our system. If you don’t allow us storing image, then we will delete it immediately after you receive and review all images.

No. We don’t use your images for commercial purposes. You will have 100% right to use it or not.

Yes. We offer trial work upto 3 images for only new clients. Try us now.

You can send us images via Dropbox and WeTransfer. You will receive processed images via Dropbox and WeTransfer. You can also send us the images via other 3rd party sites.

Clipping Path Rex is the best image editing service provider over in world with more than 150 Photoshop professionals to deliver your project on time with 100% quality. We have:
1. Better file management system.
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12. Skilled Manpower.

You can contact us via Email, Phone and Skype.

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There is no limit for file size. You can upload any file size.

There is no limit. You can upload as many files as you want.

It depends on the number of images & complexity. We deliver up to 500-700 images within 24 hours.

You can share additional instructions via email.

Yes, Cutout Image Media reserves the right to reject your order for any reason.

Yes, We offer special discount for bulk orders.

We offer a wide range of photo editing services. Please check at our service page.